Hello Seafood 2, Cute and Stylish Restaurant Game

Good morning everyone! Sorry for a long time not update.
I should study for my exam.
This morning I will share about one game.
Let's check my review.
This game has Simulation category in your iTunes or Google Play. Come from AppsTree developer, "Hello Seafood 2" are cute and stylish restaurant game.

First if you login in this game, you can see a cute and small restaurant. You should manage your own restaurant, design it, upgrade your stuff at a restaurant, hire a chef to cook, hire servers, hire a cashier, and much more to do. And the best one is... you can have whale and cat or dog. Yay! That's an awesome one. I'm right? Haha.

Let's check about Hello Seafood 2 features.
  1. Many variations dish. You can cook many dishes from 7 or 8 countries. I forgot. You can challenge another restaurant too.
  2. Design unique recipe. You can add side dishes such as sushi, dim sum, green tea, soup, fruits or another side dish.
  3. Chefs, Servers, Cashiers. You can hire them and give them cute costumes.
  4. Pet. Yay! I love this one. You can have a pet in your restaurant.
  5. Takeout customers. Well, some customers want you to give them food and then they just leave after pay.
  6. Delivery. You can unlock bike and boat delivery orders.
  7. Grade your restaurant. You can challenge your restaurant with the "3-minute test". You can get star near your restaurant icon after try test with anything result. (This one is important if you wanna unlock many features)
  8. Visit friend restaurant. You can visit, give tip and like, clean and get a heart to upgrade your social level. (Many stuff you can buy with high level of social level)
  9. Draw a jackpot. 
  10. Upgrade. Yes! You can upgrade your stuff at your restaurant to get many reputations. (If you get many reputations, you can get many visitors when you go offline)
  11. Food truck. Sell your another food near your restaurant
  12. Whale family. This why Hello Seafood 2 is cute and stylish restaurant game. They have a whale. Cute while swimming around.
  13. Franchise chatting. (You can unlock this one if you already get enough star for restaurant grade)
  14. Mission. You can get gariby or diamond for mission and quest
If you cook too many dishes, don't forget to storage your food too! You can save your time when customers want to take out when you not cooked. I think this game really similar to Moe Cafe (Click here if you wanna know about Moe Cafe). The reason why you should like this game is.
  1. They have upgrade features. You can raise your reputations in another way
  2. Cute and stylish restaurant game
  3. They have cute graphic
  4. Whale family. You never see whale around your restaurant right? You can find this whale in here.
  5. Outdoor theme. What you like? Beach or forest or city?
  6. Social Level. You can unlock many features with higher social level
  7. and much more!
Still curious about Hello Seafood 2 gameplay? Let me show you.

If you wanna download this game you can check your iTunes or Google Play with the keyword "Hello Seafood 2". Ready to manage your restaurant? 
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  1. Replies
    1. You're welcome! Lets play :)

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Hello. I try that many times and its done ^^

    4. Is that I need to type hello to neighbours for many times?

    5. Hi,Is that means that I need to type hello to neighbours for many times?

    6. Yes. You can type anything you want ^^

  2. Hello,can we storage the side dish ??
    if we can,how to storage it ??

    Please help me ~T_T~

    1. Hello! You can keep your dish with refrigerator. First, open and click "+" symbol then choose your dish. Or you can tap/click your dish then choose your refrigerator. Hope this one help you ^^

  3. Hello, what's the use of social food? It is really hard to find all about this game :(

    1. Yes, it's true that finding out about this game information is very difficult or even nonexistent. For that, I usually keep trying. Keep trying!

    2. Did you know the purpose of buying 'social food'? I just unlocked it. btw what's your manager's name? Maybe we can be friends! :)

    3. Woah youre fast. You can search Himeneko or ampuzz ^-^

  4. how to join franchise mission. im still confused.

    1. Sorry for late reply ^-^
      Franchise mission unlock at lv 30 if Im not wrong.

  5. Why i can't relocate and add table & chairs? i'm already at 21th level & still only can have 10 chairs in the middle of my restaurant.

    1. Sorry my late reply. Did you already expand your cafe? ^-^

  6. I cant use the chat box... I cant leave a message... I am already member of franchise and had been participating in different missions. How to do it?

    1. Hello. Maybe your internet connection or you should wait 3~5 sec to chat ^^