New Ragnarok Online or Another Version?

Good afternoon people,
I just finishing watch Boston Major (Dota2). That epic plays from 2 Chinese teams.
This afternoon I will give you some news from an old game.

Joox , Free Music Site and Application

Good morning people around the world, how are you today? With the cold weather like this, what activities do you do in the morning ahead of this afternoon?

Digimon Masters Online, Free To Play

Hello people from another world or dimension ? Ahaha.
 Today, ill give you information about game again.
But this game not mobile game.

Moe Girl Cafe 2, Cute Anime Cafe

Hello everyone, At the end of this November, I will give information about game. Why game ? Because Im fall in love with game ♥︎ Well. This cute game can be played by all gender.

Update New Get Rich !

Hey guys, do you know about monopoly game?
Every children already know this game since theyre age 5 or 7.
That game really popular before monopoly game right now, Get Rich.