DreadOut , Indonesian Horror Game

Hey all.
How are you ?
After doing the test, now I will share info about the game.
Yeah, because I was a Gamers. Hahahaha.

Narcolepsy , a sleep disorder

After seeing one of the anime, known to one of the characters in the anime had the disease.
Actually this is arguably not a disease.
Only a rare disorder known by all people at first.
Then lets check !~

Ragnarok II , Khara

After my thorough, many gamers are confused, even angry while playing game for one.
The trouble is leveling up.
Leveling up is not hard when you know how the tricks you can use to get exp while playing.
One way is to do the quest at Khara.

Sun and Hot

Sun is an important part for all of us,
Because a lot of people use sun in their daily lives.
Wash and then dry them under the sun.
Plants and animals can not live without the sun.
Then, why the sun can get hot?