Heroes Evolved, Play Your New MOBA on Smartphone and PC

Evening everyone, welcome to my next review about the game.
Wanna tell you about this strategy game. Well, so far I say this one is the best MOBA. Do you know why?
Last time I play MOBA game on my smartphone, I got a new friend and "kids". Why I say, kids? Because they are so annoying. Kids just play what hero they like, don't care about another teammate. Then they just run when an enemy comes or AFK if they can't play that hero. Really annoying right? Sometimes, I wanna kick that kid. Sorry kids.. some of you really should play with BOT first before entering Ranked or Normal Match.

I talk about Heroes Evolved, new MOBA game.  Amazing when Heroes Evolved can be played at Smartphone and PC! When you try this game pick "what you really want to play and OF COURSE what you can play". This game will take all your skill (fast hand), teamwork (don't forget to group up with your team and always help your team when they need it), cunning, get money from jungle (you will find some monster like dinosaurs in the jungle), and strategy to survive and destroy aegis!

Take your smartphone and dive straight into combat with stunning graphics and seamless animation. Heroes Evolved allowing you to piece together in your own strategic and unpredictable advantage using the fog of war, terrain, unique hero attributes, and custom gear build. Bombard enemies from afar with powerful abilities, or shred your opposition to bits in ruthless melee combat. Seem like really amazing game right?.

Feature in this game,
  1. 4 Server. Lost Temple (North America), Amazon (SA), Asgard (EU), and Angkor (SEA).
  2. You can play this game on Smartphone and PC. I'm always wanna play MOBA in my smartphone or if my smartphone broke or lost, I can play on PC. Yay! It happens now!
  3. Unique Characters. I think this game have 30+ unique playable character and they have good-looking character
  4. Simple Controls. I think, a game in this year really simple just tap on your screen.
  5. Custom Gear Builds. You can pick your favorite items and create unique heroes loadout
  6. Quick Matchmaking. With a simple one click, you already can start your game!
  7. Friends, Enemy, or Team. You can find your friend or people who play this game. You just simply click your friends/team/enemy profile photo when done playing and then Follow them.
  8. Not really Lag. This one really heaven for me. No lag like the other MOBA game.
  9. Newbie starter. If you try this game at first, you can get cheap hero on market. Buy. But don't forget to save your money.
  10. and much more. So, let's try this game first.
I'm already giving you small hint about this game. Then how if we watch a little about this game?

I try this game on PC. Actually on Steam. Then I see something different, read below
  • I can't log in with my account from my smartphone
  • You SHOULD buy your equip. (Not automatic like on the smartphone)
  • If you play this game, you'll nostalgic with another game with same graphic like this one
  • Many heroes you can see with big preview
  • I think some hero not available on Heroes Evolved when you play with smartphone
  • You play with your mouse and your Q-W-E-R key on your keyboard
  • Anything else you can find if you try on Steam.
Let me give you some preview when you play on Steam.

After you see this game, I know. This game really new amazing game. Heroes evolved can be played on your Smartphone and PC. So, how about you? Ready to try your new MOBA game "Heroes Evolved"?
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