4 Reasons to Give Up Play Seal Online Mobile

Evening people, how are you today?
Sorry for not update. I'm busy with my holiday. Hope you have fun too!
Well, this morning I want to review about one classic game.
I think all of the gamers know this game called "Seal Online" right?
Yes. Seal Online is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing game, originally developed by the Korean company Grigon Entertainment. In February 2007 Publisher YNK acquired the rights for the game, and in January 2009, the game was moved to the internal studio YNK Games.
Now you can play this game on your mobile. Line bought this game. I try this game. Everything same with Seal, you can play with your friend from Thailand and Taiwan. You still can fight the monster in this game with auto or not, fishing, quest, reward and much more.
But I get disappointed by this game. Or maybe too fast to give up? 
Here 4 reasons why I give up to play Seal Mobile,
  1. LAG! Really. If you try this game at first you really happy because this game has many server right? And you think if 1 server full you can go to another server. But, when I try to move another server I should create new character again. I just think if I try another server, I can play this game with no lag.
  2. This game is too heavy.  I don't know why. Seriously why this game really heavy for my phone. Then I ask my friend to download this game and get her phone got blank.
  3. Connection. I think this one not really take effect with this game. I try different connection, still same. My phone gets hot and make me really upset. 
  4. FPS to Low. I'm not a professional game player, but everyone knows. If we play games, and the fps is too low we can not play the game with fun.
I don't want to make your hope to play this game on Mobile gone. I'm already reviewing this game and you can check it below,

I'm in love with seal since this game released a long time ago. But, I think too many gamers feel this game to disappointing and uninstall this game. If you have something or technique play Seal Mobile with no Lag. Leave a comment and I'll try it. 
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