Top 7 Strategies to Play Mobile Legends for the First Time

Good evening everyone in this world!
This evening I wanna share something with you.
Of course, this one from my new game.
I'm already downloading this game yesterday, and I think this game... FUN!!!
This game called "Mobile Legends: Bang Bang" developed by Moonton. Yesterday, I tried to install this game. At first, I just think this game really similar to Dota 2. Or I'm wrong?  😕
Let's check about this game, 
Maybe if you already play MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) before, you can enjoy this game and no need tutorial or tips to play.
Let's talk about this game. In this game, you can join your friend or you just start alone to match with 5v5 MOBA against real human opponents. You can choose your heroes and build your perfect team with your comrades.

At first, of course, you should be in the lane, then you can farm in the jungle, hide in the bush, and go tower rushing with your team. Or gather and start team battles already?
Well, I think this game really helpful to much people who don't have PC or can't go to Internet Cafe. At least this game really similar to Dota 2.

What about features? Let's check guys, 😆
1. 5v5 Battles
2. Strategy and Teamwork
3. Simple Controls
4. Matchmaking (with Human or AI)
5. Offline AI Assistance

Then how about if you're new to this game? Let me give you 7 strategies to play Mobile Legends for the first time,
  • Of course, in this game, you face 5v5 battles with real opponents from another country. 3 lane (top lane, mid lane, bot lane), 4 jungle (you can farm here), defense tower, and bosses.  Don't worry, this game has classic MOBA maps. First, pick YOUR BEST hero! Pick hero you can play. Don't pick a hero from the appearance or "just go tank and I can make my team win". No No! Pick what hero you can play.😀
  • Two. You should know what "Spells" you use. Execute, Retribution, or etc you can pick for your hero. Pick what best for your hero. If you pick Mage, choose what best for Mage. Also, pick what best for Tank or Support.
  • Three. Equipment Schemes. What's that? In this Equipment Schemes, you should pick equipment for your hero (more like your guide for your best item). You can pick Burst Damage, Continous Damage, or Durability. Or you can customize your equipment schemes.
  • Four. Emblem Set. This one really important. Pick your emblem, Physical for a hero like a tank and Magic for support or mage.  
  • Five. If you play range hero, stay behind your tower (safe lane). But, if you rambo.. you can go and kill them all 😎.If you support, don't go near an enemy tower.
  • Six. Tell your comrade about your position, enemy missing, or you wanna retreat. So they know "how top lane going?" or "oh, my friend farming". 😊
  • Seven. This one really important. You should play this game with Internet 😅. Prepare your internet connection and your smartphone memory.
If you still don't know what or how this game, how about all of you see my gameplay? I record my game, you can see below here. 😇

How? Already know tips for beginner to play? 😄
Give it try guys. You can download this game in here
How about you? What your best strategies to play this game?
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