Have not update this blog :)
Sorry all .
I am busy with practice exam at my school .
Today I want to give a quick info about the game called , Tamagochi .
You never know about Tamagochi ?
Tamagochi this is a game preserve animal / digimon / baby .
We can feed them , give them medicine when sick , put them to bed .
And also to fight (especially Digimon) .
Looking Tamagochi now very difficult . I'd love to have these toys :(

Yesterday when I was an exam , my friend gave me a file .
It turned out that the file is an application Tamagochi game .
His name is Tamagochi Angel .
Tamagochi Angel can be played by pressing buttons on Handphone .
You can select the menu such as :
1. Health
2. Feeding time
3. Play time
4. Flush
5. Praise
6. Medicine
7. Light
This game reminds me of what I have Tamagochi during elementary school .
Try these game for mobile phone .
Hopefully you can treat a sense of missed in this game (right?)
Have a nice day all .
Pray for me, hope I can do my exam :)
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  1. wow..sekarang tamagochi ada du hp?? (norak bener ye?xixixi) jadi inget jaman dulu waktu musim tamagochi,,:D

  2. mending kasih makan ayam..dhiena..enak dagingnya..he..he..:D nyantai dulu kl lg ujian.. gmn kbr..sehat tah..;)

  3. @ bang todi : hahaha , iya bang . dulu sampai punya 5 :D

    @ ddaz : iya kaka ^^ , sehat . kaka ?

    @ kelpo : long time no see you :) yeah :3 you must try this :D