Delicious Emilys Miracle Of Life, Story of New Family Member

Good night everyone,
How are you today? Maybe you read my post after work or study. Well, this day I'll tell you about my lovely game. This game is new. Just released I mean.
Let's see my review below.
All of you must know this game. Or maybe right now you already play this game. Who doesn't know about Delicious Emily?
This game series of time management by Gamehouse. This game tells the story of Emily and family. She runs her own restaurant and who works in several other restaurants in order to earn the money to eventually make her dream come true (Read about Emily series in here).

In this series, Emily gets an unexpected surprise. From her grandpa, new baby, birdie, and another surprise. In this game, you'll see stories about Emily journey like Emily series before.
You'll know about how Emily get pregnant and Emily meets her grandpa. After all these series about Emily new baby and how Grey Grandpa should hide the fact about his health. Every chapter has different stories as usual but still connected.
Like how Emily tell her family about a new baby, how Emily prepare about the baby crib, try to help in daycare and much more.

This game has 6 chapter.
  • Chapter 1 about unexpected visitor. In this chapter, you'll meet Grey Grandpa and how Emily and Patrick really want a baby. Someday Emily go to a doctor and then Emily know that she was pregnant. In this chapter, you'll know that Grandpa also sick.
  • Chapter 2 about the winner. Well, Emily helps her friend in the baby shop who giveaway prize about "Baby Crib". She and Patrick team up to get the prize for their baby.
  • Chapter 3 about a mystery guest. In this chapter, you'll be child keeper who can't get along with the children. Then Francois helps you and the children.
  • Chapter 4 about the spa. 
  • Chapter 5 about hospital
  • Chapter 6 about new baby life
As you can see, this game never makes you boring. Always full of surprise and make me happy. (sometimes I cry when I see sad part in this game).
Well, let's see my review. Take a peek, guys!

Anyway, you should try this game guys. You'll know why this game always full of surprise. But, for your information, after you already play Chapter 2 it's hard to get 3 stars. And this game is really big and heavy than any other Emily game. The size of this game is ± 900MB.
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