Moe Girl Cafe 2, Cute Anime Cafe

Hello everyone, At the end of this November, I will give information about game. Why game ? Because Im fall in love with game ♥︎ Well. This cute game can be played by all gender.
This game came from Cat Studio HK.
Cat Studio is the developer of games like Little Commander and Epic Defense. Well, this time I will discuss about the game from this developer. Namely, Moe Girl Cafe 2! Hey to many gameplay like cafe right?
This one from my Cafe ! 
But, why I like this game because ,
"Moe Girl Cafe 2" is a 2D style management and cultivation sim, combining elements from various popular Anime Character Game (ACG). In the game, you play a store manager, and with the help of your moe assistants you manage your moe cafe. From cooking, research and decoration to hiring, advertising, deliveries, and throwing parties, everything is decided by you (or your friends, if you need to call in some help) " - Cat Studio HK
Im fall in love with all of anime character. Well, I have Kirito and Asuna from SAO (Sword Art Online) and many more. You must try this game, really cute. I like how to place many furniture, how to serve food and have a family in this game. I have video for all of you if you wanna see about this game. Check it out
How ? Did you see to many cute character in this game. You should try!
I give this game : ★ 

You can download this game : Click
Lets play together ♥︎
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