How Mobile Arena Can Destroy Your Mood

Hello everyone, how are you today?
You can see another game come every day on your Play Store or App Store. This one comes from Garena. Already know about Garena?
Garena founded in Singapore. Garena distributes the game in various countries across Southeast Asia and Taiwan. Such as the multiplayer online battle game Arena or MOBA games called League of Legends. Or another game called FIFA Online and Point Blank.
Indonesian Mobile Arena
Another game today is Mobile Arena. Well, this game similar to League of Legends. That's my opinion. You'll be another player who stops the war. And welcome to Antaris! Before that, let's see Mobile Arena story below.
For several thousand years, there was an endless struggle between gods and demons. In every corner of the world is their battleground. The ongoing wars inflict enormous damage and countless casualties.
All human beings unite to fight. Blacksmiths helped to make sophisticated weaponry, monks began to figure out ancient magic legacies and explore secret science. On one side of the forest, some chiefs honed the population with killing skills. The mystical creatures that also inhabit the forest learn about the knowledge possessed by humans and demons.
After a long time, the gods came down to earth and the demons arose on the ground. They are shocked because people they think are weak and helpless have the ability and knowledge that can match them. And now, people are starting to rebellion.
This endless chaos, creating an entity dubbed the Creator awake from his sleep to stop further damage. "War must be stopped, but blood can not be shed in vain!". Finally, he also created a new arena as a place for gods, demons, humans and mythical beings to finish the battle through the fight in the Antaris Arena!
Interface Menu
An epic story about god, demon, and human. Then let see features in this game
  • Item. Item in this game really similar to another MOBA. Specialization of weapons or items divided into types attacks, magic, defense, movement, or jungle.
  • Arcana. This one like a gem in your hero build. You can choose attack types, HP, defense, skill, life steal, ATK speed, crit rate, or piercing. With level 1 until 3.
  • Talent. Talent gives you another buff to use (some like skill). You can choose to pick Execute to change 16% enemy HP to DMG, Roar to improve your ATK Speed, Sprint to run, Heal, Disrupt to stop tower attack, Daze to stun and slow your enemy move, Purify to dispel debuff, Endure to make your hero freeze, Flicker to teleport, Punish to give your enemy Real DMG
  • Hero. Pick what you wanna play. Tank, warrior, assassin, mage, archer or support
  • Shop
  • Guild
  • Bag
  • Rank
  • Message
  • Prize
  • Friendlist
  • Guide
  • Chat
  • and much more
5vs5 Game Mode
And you can choose about 5vs5, 3vs3, or 1vs1 mode game. Another MOBA game that you can try to fill your time. But, this game can destroy your mood fast. You know, the first time you run this game you get your game freeze or Hank. And your phone gets hot. And the worst is when you forget your password or Garena user, you should start from the beginning again. (Try to contact CS, but nothing happen). Maybe, too many people play this game and my ID gone.

That's my opinion, so if you wanna try this one or already play this game. Hope you enjoy this game and never forget your Garena user.
Click here if you wanna download: Mobile Arena
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