How to Instantly Improve Your City Mania

Afternoon people. Sorry for a long time can't update. I'm busy with my work.
Well, I have much game to review and let you know about that.
First, how about we jump to the next?
Still, remember how I describe you about how freak I'm falling in love with The Sims all series?
Then, my sister wanna play too. But, she doesn't want play on the computer. Then I found this cute game when I try it, surprisingly she loves it.

This game called City Mania. Know this game? Let's check it.
Welcome to the best new city builder game in town! You'll be the mayor. This game challenges your ability to balance, requires persistence, and patience is definitely a virtue in this game. And get your reward. You'll love to play.
Very cute, fun and simple game. Absolutely love the game and the graphics. You know what more? The Bizzies are adorable. Not to mention it is amazing awesome with the sound and music.

If you wanna instantly improve your city in this game, follow this simple tips and guide
  • Craft your material for your building. But don't excessive. 
  • Build your house. After you build your house to the max, you can fusion another house.
  • Complete bizzies request to get another building and another character.
  • Complete helicopter request to get another building.
  • Don't forget to see your quest for (EXP, money, material, and much more)
  • Place your building with strategy don't just place it. You'll know when you try to put factory near the house.
  • Help your neighborhood.
This game is simple. You build your best city ever. Craft hundreds of unique building, fusion them, expand your land from tiny town to a big bustling metropolis. Decorate your skyline by famous landmark of the building. And if you still confused about my review, you can see my video below,

Now is your chance to be the owner of the most awesome city ever! Build, expand, and plan your strategy. But don't stop there! Don't forget to recruit many funny characters, and add them to your collection. Ready for grow your population on City Mania, Mayor?
Click here if you wanna download Gameloft City Mania.
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