DmC : Dante is Back !

Released in 2001, this game introduces a new concept in the world of gaming.
With 3D action choreography focusing on the beauty of the character of the protagonist in the face of various kinds of enemies.
The main character of this game is Dante, who is a mercenary who has a mixed blood of demons and humans.
With guns named Ebony and Ivory (pistols) and a large sword named Rebellion.

Devil May Cry fans certainly will not be foreign to the names above.
Yup, the game is called Devil May Cry has been reproduced on the title DMC: Devil May Cry.
Game action genre has been released on January 17, 2013 by Capcorn (this game for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360).
In this series there will be interesting things played ..
Do you know what it is? Lets Check ..

In Devil May Cry series, Dante reunite with his brother Vergil . But their identity is different. Not a half demon and half human. But the marriage between the devil and the angel.
In this game they are called Nephilim. Dante's father is a powerful demon called Sparda. Sparda is the great enemy of Mundus, demons, no less tough. Mundus afraid nephilim, supposedly the most potential to defeat him. Dante and Vergil war against Mundus and show also Kat, she's member the sect members Vergil.
The battle took place in the supernatural town called Limbo. The townspeople were just assume normal life, in contrast to what is perceived by some people who saw the city was invaded by Satan. 
Dante and Vergil are brothers never got along. Here are Kat, who gets the role interesting.

You're curious to try this game? Try this game and save the town :)
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  1. DMC with Dante's new haircut ! =))

    1. I think , Dante better with performance before, now Dante look too real (older than usual) .