Ragnarok II, Legend Of The Second

I made this post based on personal experience. hehe
This game is already long existed, in the early 2000.
Anyone who knows the game in the screenshot below?

Huhu, I miss this game T.T
This game is an MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) that has been successful in the 2000s in Indonesia (I play this game, and the response to this game is very good).
And after a vacuum for some time, the game is back again with the same name, Ragnarok 2, Legend Of The Second.
This game is an online game, which has just opened on December 27, 2012 yesterday, but postponed again until January 3, 2013. Below is an example of a screenshot of this game, I've played a few minutes ago.

This is a screenshot used as a control of the game. Such as running, jumping, and running automatically .
Another screenshot used a how to take a screenshot , open bag , open skill , look guild info , and another.
And the last, its my char when I'm swimming to go another place .
Yeah , its holiday and time to play game . See yaa in Ragnarok II anyone .

NB : Fanspage Ragnarok 2
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