How Do You Choose The Best Hero for Clash Of Assassins?

A role-playing game (RPG and sometimes roleplaying game) is a game in which players assume the roles of characters in a fictional setting. Players control a central game character, or multiple game characters usually called a party, and attain victory by completing a series of quests or reaching the conclusion of a central storyline. Complicated? Right. Let's jump to a role-playing game now!
This game called Clash of Assassins -The Empire. Sounds like a game about emperor, dynasty, and save people right? The main story is based on the Clashes for the Emperor Throne in Ming Empire of China happened between the Crown Prince (Son of The Emperor) and Prince Kim (The little Brother of the Emperor) while the Emperor was serious ill. Some of the people are suspect for the murders who happened in the capital of the Empire with very bad influences. The warrior and detective start to investigate the murders. (Well, it says that Crown Prince and another Prince were all involved in those murders).

You should choose one from 4 heroes in this game. Then, how do you choose the best hero for Clash Of Assassins? Let's see.
  • Kim Mansion. Beauty. Slim. Adorable. This woman uses two swords, and was able to kill enemies very easily, and has the advantages of strong magic attacks and a critical chance is pretty high. Select this job for you guys who like to play as a player killer or damager when PVE (Player vs Enemy)
  • Warrior Bureau. This man is a warrior. He had a very strong physical attack, using one hand sword weapon, and has many skills area. This job is suitable for you who like fun when you are in a war or hunting monsters.
  • Northland Barracks. This hero has very strong armor. Like a knight and tanker. This hero has a strong defense and have more HP than the other jobs, fight using a spear, and has the skill area and stun. This job is perfect for those who like to open war and stand on the front lines of battle.
  • Arch Dancer. This hero has a great power of magic attacks, fight using discs, has an area attack that can give effect to stun the enemy. An outstanding job while fighting, because in addition to having a great magic defense, she also has a debuff.
This game has many features. I think, this game really has full features as a mobile game. Clash of Assassin game features are,
  1. 3D RPG Graphic, of course. Awesome graphic but, sometimes I can't wait patiently when this game so lagging. 
  2. Artifact. Well, every hero has different artifact weapon. You can upgrade your unique artifact weapon for this game. You'll get more attributes and different skill.
  3. Ride. Omg, I thought this game don't have something like this. But, yeah. You'll get horse or phoenix if you upgrade your ride who can give you different attributes for you too.
  4. Automatic System. You can war, hunting, or level up with an automatic system.
  5. Market. For buy and sell
  6. Mount. You can buy your ride in here
  7. Daily Dungeon
  8. Open Map for PVP (Player versus Player)
  9. Cross Server PK (Player Killing)
  10. Married. Now, I think in every game you can get married
  11. etc
Another feature in this game will be explained to all of you with my video below.

History of the Ming dynasty in China is very interesting, you can see many histories about this dynasty from novels, comics, movies or games.Then, what your best hero for Clash of Assassins? You can try this game and tell me what your hero. Click here for download.
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